Are Your Document Management Systems Failing You?

Are you experiencing data overload at your firm? Is your staff constantly frustrated with your current document management systems? Document management in Philippi can help you streamline and shorten your workflows with a few easy digital enhancements added to your processes. If you want your documents to be easily accessible, it may be time to implement a document management system.

Simplify the Process from Start to Finish

When considering a document management system, many businesses forget to include one basic step: the input of the documents themselves. If this first step is tedious and time-consuming, the chances of all documents being uploaded into the system as necessary are quite slim. Don’t sabotage your success from the get-go by failing to implement a simple input system that encourages full-engagement from your staff. Once you know that there will be a sufficient amount of buy-in for the process, it’s time to take a look at the advantages of a streamlined Philippi document management system:

  • Input and Index – Documents must be inputted in a consistent manner, and then they also must be properly indexed. Maintain a workflow-enhancing system that allows employees to input their documents in a way that makes them easy to access and adheres to an intuitive indexing system. Uploading documents is of no value if they are not accurately indexed in such a manner that they can be downloaded quickly when needed.
  • Searchable – If your document management system isn’t fully searchable, its impact on your workflow will be minimized. Take the time and expense to add this important feature, especially if you have a lot of cross-departmental data and document sharing. Your document management system is only as good as its positive workflow impact makes it.
  • Security and Encryption – One of the most helpful aspects of a streamlined document management system is the way it shortens the workflow process. If you want your sales force to be able to access documents wherever they may be, security becomes even more important. Encrypted systems provide the safety that you need without comprising accessibility by those who have approved credentials within the system.

Ready to get your Philippi document management system performing up to par? Contact Hart Office Solutions today to learn more about how implementing an improved document management system can improve your workflow.