A copy machine is one of the most important pieces of office equipment that your business relies on for daily operations. Having a copier or multiple copiers in your office helps your business run smoothly to ensure tasks are completed and done well. But of course, you have to be mindful of every penny spent across your business as a whole, including the overhead necessary for your copiers. Despite cost being an overarching determination of which copier is best for your business, it is just one of the key factors to consider before buying or leasing your next device.

Finding the right copier that you can rely on for years to come can be a daunting task. A multitude of questions arise, such as:

  • Which machine is best for my company?
  • Is this copy machine a good investment for my business?
  • What are the criteria for buying the best office copiers?

You read reviews about the best copiers on the market, and there are several brands, features, and software applications that you’ll uncover, making your decision-making process that much more stressful. The internet provides a bounty of blog articles, forums, and articles that are meant to help you make the right choice to determine the best office copier for your business. Our hope is that this blog article will provide the information you need to make the perfect choice for your business.

What are the criteria for the best office copiers?

Before making your next purchase or lease, it is crucial to determine the criteria for what to consider when searching for the best office copier. These criteria should be understood and considered so that you can stay within your budget without compromising the essential aspects needed for your daily workflows, such as durability, reliability, and tested performance. Here’s an overview of the main criteria to consider:

  1. Printing Speed
    Printing speed is critical when it comes to copiers. Most modern offices process numerous printed pages every day. Those pages are essential documents that ensure the smooth operation of your business tasks. How quickly they are produced can impact workflows and timeliness of task completion. The number of outputs your company relies on to complete daily tasks should help determine the speed you need in your next office copier. A good rule of thumb is to find a copier that is efficient, but to balance print speed with your price point and general output requirements to determine the best option for your business.
  2. Ease of Operation
    Is your team comprised of tech-savvy individuals? If so, your employees probably know how to operate different tech-based devices, like photocopiers and printers. But not everyone has the same skill set when it comes to tech operations. The best office copier for most companies is one that is easy to operate and user-friendly for all staff members, regardless of their technical prowess. One feature to look for is copiers with intuitive touch-screen displays, where users can easily navigate between functions and applications.
  3. Efficient Networking
    Networking capability is one of the features that your new copier must include. Connecting updated office equipment to an existing network is essential, and one of these networked tools is your office copier. Your networked copier ensures printing is possible without a physical connection from a computer to the device, providing access to the copier for multiple users. A networked copy machine also has various other functions built-in, such as document scanning and electronic data transmission. Therefore, to ensure the most usage of your new device and that it maintains the most up-to-date functionalities, a networked copier is your best option.
  4. Price Affordability
    To circle back to our original point, your budget is a significant factor to weigh when determining the best office copier for your business. Overspending is not an option, but you also must consider how your team will use the device and its number of users. The total cost per page is a key budgetary factor that must be considered, which factors in consumables costs, such as toner, machine maintenance, and more. Your office equipment provider will provide you with this cost during the purchasing or leasing process. Having a few options, where the bottom line is outlined for each, is your best bet.

Now that we’ve outlined the criteria to look for when searching for the best office copier, we’d like to provide an overview of two of the top brands available for copiers on the market today: Toshiba and Lexmark.


Toshiba, a longstanding, trusted brand, has empowered many businesses with efficient, reliable technology solutions for decades. Regardless of the size of your company, Toshiba has several secure and smart choices to ensure your workflows are running efficiently and your data is secure. Their copiers and multifunction printers can handle even the most demanding print jobs, ensuring you can keep up with your workloads and grow as a business. Toshiba prides itself on being innovative, being first to market with state-of-the-art office imaging equipment since its inception. That’s why Toshiba is embraced as one of the most trusted brands that offer office solutions to businesses globally, small or large.


Lexmark is another trusted and reputed brand that offers office solutions to many businesses worldwide today. Lexmark products are marketed in over 170 countries globally. One of the best Lexmark copiers on the market today is the Lexmark MC2535adwe, which is a laser-based and all-in-one machine with print, copy, scan, and fax functionalities. These multiple functions offer efficient productivity with a small footprint. It also has security features for business organizations, regardless of size. This is just one example of the trusted Lexmark lineup of copiers that can help your business succeed.

Choosing the best office equipment, like copiers, can be difficult. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives who can help you find the right copier for your office.