For any Clarksburg company thinking about upgrading or replacing their office equipment, being able to rely on excellent service is a key factor in the decision-making process. While manufacturers may provide support for their equipment, working with a local provider that’s closer to home offers better benefits. Read on for a few reasons why.

Personalized Service and Support

Although manufacturers strive to provide excellent products, relying on them for service and support means that you’ll still end up one of countless accounts they deal with on a regular basis. It’s easy for smaller businesses to get lost in the shuffle, especially with manufacturers that are more comfortable with supporting very large enterprises.

 Local providers recognize the importance of providing service and support that are closely tailored to the needs of their customers. Unlike a large manufacturer, a local provider has the flexibility needed to gain insight into your company’s concerns and address them through personalized solutions.

 If your business values face-to-face attention when it comes to support, a local provider is best positioned to handle in-person consultations and evaluations. Not to mention, they typically can be at your office to repair a downed machine within 4 hours of a service call. Can a manufacturer guarantee that turnaround time?

Better Accountability

Whenever there’s an issue with your office equipment, you want someone to be accountable for the products and services they provide. However, it can be tough for many businesses to hold a distant corporation accountable for their solutions and support. Although the stakes are high for manufacturers, a distant corporation may not be as responsive to certain issues.

 While manufacturers have a reputation to protect, a local provider will have much more at stake. A local provider will protect its reputation by delivering the best solutions and support possible, making them more responsive to customers’ concerns. Small businesses also find local providers easier to hold accountable than a typical manufacturer.

Training Opportunities

Extensive training is one way to help get everyone in your company up to speed on the latest office equipment upgrades and changes. Manufacturers can offer virtual support, but only a local provider can offer personalized, hands-on training that proves valuable to recent hires and veteran employees alike. The better your employees know how to use the tools available to them, the more productive and efficient your team will be.

Local Community Support

For companies that value supporting their local community, going with a local service provider makes perfect sense. Working with a local provider gives you an opportunity to support a local business (much like yours) and keep profits within the local community. Local patronage also helps small businesses grow together, making them stronger in a highly competitive business environment.

If you’re interested in working with a local service provider here in the Clarksburg area, contact us today.