Color printing brings a number of benefits to small businesses and large corporations alike. Historically, cost has been a limiting factor preventing some businesses from embracing color printing. However, costs have come down: color printing is more affordable today than ever before. If you haven’t given your employees the option of printing in color yet, it’s time to reconsider. Here are four ways you can leverage color printing to help your business grow.

Consider Your Customers

The customer is king, right? If you’re producing any materials that an external customer will see, consider the impact that bright, crisp visuals will have. It’s no secret that color catches the eye, so it’s essential to use it to connect with your customers.

Also consider your internal “customers.” Do you need to sell upper management on a new product or initiative? Strategic use of color printing can up the impact of your presentation.

Improve Quality and Crispness

Monochromatic office printers tend to do a pretty great job of printing text-only documents. If that’s all you ever do in your business, you’ll probably get by just fine without color printing. But, printing graphics and images in black and white way tends to be disappointing. Any image printed in grayscale is a missed opportunity, because it’s not possible to achieve the same level of quality and crispness that a color printer will produce. If your printed product is based on communication (that is, intended to convey information), you want it to be as effective as possible. Crisp lines and vivid colors increase the visibility and impact of your message.

Increase Professionalism

Visualize a stack of black-and-white flyers sitting on a counter at a restaurant or business. They look cheap, don’t they? In fact, the one you’re visualizing right now is probably badly designed and printed on thin paper as well. On the other hand, well-designed materials printed in color feel professional. You know this from experience as a customer, so you know it’s true about your own company’s materials as well.

Improve Message Retention

Xerox commissioned a study by Harris Interactive that confirmed a common assertion: people retain information better when it’s presented in color. If you want your message to stick (including invoice due dates), strategic use of color is key.

The benefits of implementing color printing far outweigh the increased cost. To learn more about color printing or to explore which options are right for your business, contact Hart Office Solutions today!