Today’s copier is more proficient at duplicating documents than ever before. The best small office multifunction printer will include copy, print, and scan capability to produce high volumes of printed material at a very high quality. If you want to copy double-sided without removing and flipping the paper – there’s a copy machine for that.

When you need to shrink, enlarge, staple, 3-hole punch or collate your documents, an office equipment company can help you find the best solution for these productivity tools within a copy machine.  If your small business sells products, you will definitely want photo-quality reproduction as a feature within your office copying technology, and there are plenty of copy equipment options available for small to medium-sized businesses.

Choosing an Office Equipment Company

Choose an office equipment company that provides after-sale support to cover your business copier purchase. The best copier manufacturers will offer a 1-year replacement or repair plan or other extended warranty. But, after the printer has surpassed this coverage, you may want to enter into managed print solutions with a provider that will oversee your printing and copying requirements and equipment.

You may want to choose a recognized brand name when you purchase a copy machine, but don’t rule out the discounted or lesser-known manufacturers recommended by an office equipment company. These companies will often provide products that are comparable in quality and function at a lower cost for small business needs.

Consider the Most Important Features

Every business operates differently. While most printers and copy machines will feature the same options, some features may benefit your company more than others. These include:

  • Automatic Document Feed (ADF)
  • Multi-function copy, print, and scanning
  • Paper and envelope size capability
  • Speed of copying or Pages Per Minute (PPM)
  • Duplex or copying front and back
  • Reductions and enlargements

What are the Operating Costs?

The operating costs of your printer can make a big difference in your office budget. Some copiers will require you to pay more for the ink over the life cycle than what the original copier cost in the first place. Choose a copier with high-yield ink cartridges to reduce the costs of office copying. If you opt for a budget copiers to save money, you may put your company in an expensive cycle of repair or replace. So it is better to purchase a reliable copy machine over an inexpensive one.

How Fast Do You Need to Copy?

If speed is critical to business operations, then this is an excellent point to consider. Otherwise, an average speed copy machine can save you some money on the initial cost of the equipment. Copy speed will depend on the document being copied (only text or text and graphics), and if the copier can copy in high-resolution or draft mode. Internal office copying can be accomplished in draft mode, which is at a lower quality resolution, which premium copying can be reserved for client or vendor documentation.

Consider Managed Print Solutions

Partner with a company that provides the best small office multifunction printer copiers with services that keep your office running smoothly. These companies can help in maintaining your copy equipment, networking solutions, protection from cyber attack, and keep track of copy supply inventory. Your company benefits from a long-term office equipment vision so you will know when to upgrade or replace your office copy machine, printer, or an MFP multifunction printer.

And best of all, replacement parts or copy machine supplies are delivered directly to your office door automatically. This is one less thing your small business will have to worry about. To purchase or upgrade a copier for your business, contact Hart Office Solutions today. Managed print solutions can remove the unpredictability of office equipment by keeping track of copy and print volume and scheduling routine maintenance when needed.