Despite years of talk about society going “paperless,” the reality is it hasn’t happened. Paper documents continue to play a vital role in today’s business processes. Your copy machine is probably one of the most critical pieces of office equipment in your Glenville-based location. Since the copy machine is so heavily relied upon, there will come a time when it’ll need an upgrade. Here are three signs it’s time to upgrade your copy machine.

Poor Quality Print Jobs

If you’re consistently seeing faded, streaked, or blotchy copies and your printer consistently experiences paper jams, it’s probably time for an upgrade. While routine maintenance can keep things running smoothly, there will come a time when a machine will simply have reached its lifespan limit.

Supplies are Hard to Find

As newer machines are manufactured, vendors tend to stock toners and parts for the latest machinery and phase out keeping the older ones in stock, and manufacturers supplying the parts for copiers may stop producing them. If you’re having a hard time finding the supplies you need, chances are your copier has become obsolete.

Employees are Complaining

If your staff is complaining about print quality, constant breakdowns, waiting too long because the machine is too slow, or having other issues regarding your machine’s performance, it’s time to listen. An unreliable copier means more downtime, decreased productivity, and heightened aggravation for the people who rely upon it.

Keep in mind, while it seems adding a capital expenditure, such as a new copy machine, to your budget is too much to handle, think about the savings you’ll realize with an upgrade.

  • Increased cost per page and decreased page per minute impacts productivity – a new machine eliminates these issues.
  • Older copiers are a security risk – if a break, leak, or other security problem occurs, this is costly (about a third of breaches are traced back to unsecured copiers).
  • Accumulating costs to maintain an old machine adds up – this is money that could be put towards a newer, more efficient model.

Eventually, a time comes when a copier reaches the end of its usefulness. Modern copiers have incredible capabilities going beyond what traditional copiers offer since they primarily operate as computing devices. A modern machine provides an opportunity to gain a competitive edge in your industry, whereas an aged one can hold your company back.

If your Glenville-based company is considering a copier upgrade, contact Hart Office Solutions today to see your options. We’ll help you find a model that fits your needs.