Most businesses have a pretty good idea from the start on what basic IT resources they need to have. A network and basic productivity software is practically a must today. Internet capabilities follow up right behind the first. Things then start to get a bit complicated when more advanced tools come into play, geographic connection capability, various hardware, and equipment tools need to be merged, and system protection has to be applied. While most of us have a good idea of how to set up a basic computer or laptop, a full network is another matter entirely. And if your business’ core needs and functions are outside of the IT realm, that’s likely not where you want your key people and profit-centers to be spending all their valuable time. Instead, managed IT services can take over these support functions while your people are focused on what makes your business a success.

Managed IT services can provide the following key benefits for small businesses:

  • Scalable provisioning of software, network tools, and apps so your costs are in line with your actual needs for tools.
  • Maintenance or upgrading of your hardware to match your needs and system requirements.
  • Protection and purging of your system and network of problems, backdoors, security weaknesses, and hacks.
  • Data protection, backup, and recovery services so your business can resume operations even if something serious occurs.
  • Monitoring your system traffic and usage so problems are circumvented before they occur.
  • Sectioning and modularizing your system so that permissions, authorities, and span of control don’t work against your business but support it.

Yes, technically, your business like any can run, procure and manage its own IT. But unless you have a solid network administration experience, doing so is going to become a black hole that pulls in your valuable resources on unprofitable support and administration. Even experienced IT folks can easily become overwhelmed and need help regularly from additional experts. Again, this draws away from your Buckhannon business’ core profit centers, potentially reducing your revenue stream.

Instead, managed IT services in Buckhannon can keep your people focused and ensure your network is running ideal for your needs. To find out more about how to incorporate managed IT services into your Buckhannon business, call Hart Office Solutions today!