Document management is a critical part of doing business and one that can consume an abundance of funds in overhead expenses. All businesses use copiers, printers, and scanners to streamline operations, but these multiple pieces of office equipment will accomplish the opposite. When you invest in a Huntington multifunction printer (MFP) you replace all this office equipment with one multi-functional printer that also copies, scans, and much more.

Reduce Office Budget

Consider that each piece of office equipment you own requires its own maintenance and servicing, uses additional supplies such as paper and/or ink, and will need a separate source of power. With a multifunction printer, you maintain one piece of equipment and your staff training is also greatly reduced.

Increase Productivity

A multifunction printer (MFP) in Huntington will streamline office processes and increase productivity. These printers have built-in features in addition to combining your printing, scanning, and copying into one piece of equipment. Files can also be transferred via USB and you still get features you need such as enlarging, collating, and double-sided printing.

Regain Floor Space

Moving away from separate equipment and using a multifunction printer (MFP) will allow you to regain valuable floor and/or desktop space that can be used for other purposes. These printers are perfect for open office floor plans, enabling everyone to use the single piece of equipment instead of having a reserved room for documentation purposes.

Better Office Workflow

Since documents are such a large part of doing business, the process of making copies or printing from computers is actually a major drain on employee time. With an MFP, workflows are streamlined because these printers can handle multiple print jobs that continuously cycle through the cue. The wait time is reduced and office tasks are accomplished without any hassles.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Outdated printer technology can be an energy hog. Because multifunction printers are so efficient, they use less energy than the technology of the past. A reduction in paper, printer ink, and printing cartridges makes for an eco-friendly work environment and reduces the carbon footprint. To purchase an MFP for your Huntington business, contact Hart Office Solutions today. Your business operations will run much more smoothly, and your company will save on time, money, and energy by replacing multiple pieces of equipment with a singular piece of equipment.