When you’re searching for a multifunctional printer (MFP) in Parsons, it’s essential to know what to look for. Commonly referred to as MFPs, these printers are capable of printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing. It ensures you have all of the tasks that you need to be covered without investing in multiple machines. Knowing what to look for in an MFP will ensure you get the right one for your office.

Print Type

It’s important to look at what types of things you will be printing in your office. This can include black and white documents, color photographs, banners, signs, and more. Some printers are capable of printing on mediums other than standard white paper, too.
Once you know more about what you’re printing, you can decide between inkjet and laser printers as well as black and white versus color. It ensures you’re capable of printing what you need in-house as opposed to working with a print shop.

Printing Capacity

To ensure that you find a multifunctional printer that will work effectively for your office in Parsons, you have to look at printing capacity. Primarily, how fast will the printer work? The ppm or pages per minute will be the most important indicator to look at when it comes to printing capacity. Particularly when you’re going to print a significant amount of documents at a time, you want something that’s going to work quickly. Otherwise, you will end up losing money because of experiencing a loss in productivity.


Not all multifunctional printers will offer the same level of functionality. Some will print and copy. Others will scan, manage, and store documents, and fax. Some are wireless, too, allowing you to send orders to the printer without being physically connected to them. They can be set up over a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.
You will pay more for more functions, so it’s essential to decide what you need from your multifunctional printer in Parsons. For example, if you don’t do any faxing, there’s no need to have the feature. Similarly, if you are the only one in the office, you might not need document organization features.
Comparing models will allow you to determine which printer is capable of best meeting your needs. When you’re ready to purchase an MFP for your office, contact Hart Office Solutions to get started.