If anything proves the old saying, “Sometimes you have to spend money to make money,” it’s the copier in many small businesses. That annoying sound yours makes during its tenth job of the morning may well be the sound of hard-earned profits going down the drain.

Here are five reasons the best copier for small business is a new copier.

  1. The Right Business Office Equipment Reduces the Number of Service Calls

The older a copier is, the more issues and breakdowns it has. Even if yours is covered under a service contract, the cost of frustration and lost optimum workflow is reason enough to find the best copier for small business you can and replace your older machine. If you are continually dealing with an inefficient or broken copier and having to stop everything until a service repair technician can coax it back to life again, it’s time to call your business office equipment representative. This is especially important if your business copies, prints, and scans in high volume.

  1. A New Copier Offers Improved Print Quality

No matter how diligent you have been in taking care of your copier, print quality always degrades over time. Ask your employees if they have noticed a lower print quality lately. If they have, you can bet your clients have. If you change ink and toner, replace last printer drums, or change brands of ink cartridges and your business copy doesn’t pop anymore – leaving you feeling as dull and flat as it looks – it’s time to find the best copier for small business that fits your budget.

  1. Your Get More Options without the Sticker Shock

Technology is advancing at a mind-boggling rate these days. From smartphone apps that start your car to smart thermostats that adjust the temperature to be what you’d like it to be when you home, technological advances in today’s digital age are making life more comfortable.

Why not use those advances to your advantage when it comes to your business office equipment. Today’s multi-function printer eliminates clutter and gets the job done in one central location. They can print, copy, scan, fax, and email documents. The software also allows you to manage your workflow. The result is increased efficiency, better access control, and a more coordinated workplace. Other options available with a multi-function printer (MFP) include:

  • Convert to Microsoft Word– MFP’s can recognize page types and characters and save a scan directly to a Microsoft Word Document.
  • Scan to network folders or email– What once took scanning a document, storing it to a USB or other portable drive, and talking that to your desktop computer to attach to an email can now be done with one command.
  • File Encryption– the best copiers for small business can scan and encrypt a file, giving you full control of who can view or print a file once saved to a digital format.
  • Access Control– allows limited access to an MFP.

This ensures that only authorized users can access your business office equipment. You can also reduce costs by setting which users can use color printing that is often quite expensive on high-end runs.

  1. Improved Security

Nothing is more important for your peace of mind and the cash flow of your business than security. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of hours on a project to see it lost to some hacker. The best copier for small business is one that comes with improved security features designed to prevent unauthorized usage. This generation of copier will encrypt data stored on your device’s hard drive leaving your business’s documents safe from online hackers.

  1. Equipped for Business Growth

A new generation copier puts you on the right track for business growth. If you are looking for the best copier for small business, contact us today.