Part of your business’ managed print solutions (MPS) is knowing when to upgrade your office printer. Efficient and easy to use office copiers, high-volume printers, and multifunction printers are necessary for streamlined production and responsive customer service. Most businesses take their office productivity equipment for granted.

Many times it is the limited functionality of your office equipment that will need upgrading. Purchasing a new multifunction printer can also be the answer to changing business needs. The most sought after technology provided by managed print services companies include:

  • Printer security that features Intrusion Detection
  • IT help desk support and technical service for printers
  • Mobile printing from Apple or Android devices

If your old office printer is prone to paper jams, takes too long to print, or produces poor quality results, it is probably time to upgrade your office printer. Depending on usage and maintenance, an office inkjet printer is expected to last about three years while a laser printer lasts about five years. Of course, when you purchase better quality office and more robust office equipment, you should expect to get many more years of service.

  1. A New Printer Can Increase Office Productivity

How much downtime does your office experience due to printer problems? How much time will your office staff wait for a stack of documentation that is taking too long to print? The printing process is often the last leg in office workflow. If your printer equipment is the bottleneck in your office, then a new printer can increase your office efficiency and worker morale.

It is frustrating when office workers have to figure out printer problems or take print jobs to equipment located away from their area. New multi-functional printers can be local to each office division, or larger units can serve as a copy/printer center for the entire business.

  1. Old Systems Do Not Offer Connectivity

One of the most significant productivity enhancements is found in office equipment connectivity, which includes managed print solutions. If you’re still using standalone printers that do not connect to the office network, then it is time for an office printer upgrade. Today’s printers can connect to cloud storage services, mobile devices when out of the office, the internet, and your company’s area-wide network.

Shared network printers will reduce your overall office costs and maintenance. Also, you save on printer supplies by having all your employees trained to use your shared print and copy center.

  1. Increase Your Office Security

Cybersecurity is in the news, but many companies don’t realize that printers are a source of intrusion by devious individuals either looking for a thrill or looking to steal sensitive data about clients and employees. Managed print solutions may include the following to help protect the security of your business data:

  • Encrypted connection between printer and data
  • Configuring access to only allow your employees
  • Removing automatic protocols like FTP
  • Making sure internal settings are correctly set
  1. A New Printer Can Offer More Functions

Your employees should be able to handle all their documentation needs with just one piece of equipment. This includes copying, printing, scanning, faxing, and sharing documents to the cloud storage. This type of versatility can dramatically streamline your office workflow and help your business grow. Expect to do more than ever before and with amazing results.

If you were hesitant to include images and other graphics embedded in your printed material, newer technology offers an easier process and better results that won’t slow down the printing process.

  1. An Expanded Business Requires More Documentation

A growing business will need to print volumes of printed material – no matter the type of office you have medical, accounting, sales, or service. A slow printer or a printer that runs out of ink too quickly is counterproductive to small businesses where every customer matters. At the same time, you will want your office printer to be energy efficient to save costs on utility bills. This is what an upgraded printer can offer – speed, volume, efficiency, and quality printing at a reasonable cost.

If it’s time to upgrade your office printer, you should also consider partnering with an MPS provider to get the best technology, company-wide connectivity, and an MFP printer that can handle all of your office printing needs. Contact Hart Office Solutions today to learn more about our managed print services.