Most modern businesses still rely on documents (whether they are digital or hardcopy) to get the job done. Storing, organizing, and maintaining these files can be tedious, particularly if you are in an industry that has specific compliance regulations that require you to maintain files for a designated number of years. To make life easier at your Kingwood business, keep your files securely stored, and maintain compliance, consider switching to a digital document management solution.

The Top Five Benefits of Digital Document Management

Storing digital documents has many benefits. Perhaps you have not thought of all the advantages of converting from paper filing to saving digital storage. Some of the top reasons for doing so include the following:

  1. Enhance security with fewer headaches. Paper files tend to disappear. They can easily walk out of the door and cannot be regulated. With document management, your most confidential data can be access-controlled, ensuring that only those with permission can view and/or edit certain files. 
  2. Save money and space. Storage of digital files costs less to maintain than their hardcopy counterparts. Digital document management frees up the physical room in your office typically designated to filing cabinets and boxes of paper files, freeing up storage overhead. Use the freed up space and extra cash to expand services, add a new team member, or simply better organize your office.
  3. Save time with easier access to files. Document management solutions are designed to make retrieval of documents easier on users, saving your team valuable time. A standardized means of indexing new documents (including everything from emails to invoices) coupled with a sophisticated search feature ensure documents are quickly found by users and eliminates the need to spend time looking for or recreating misfiled documents.
  4. Enhanced disaster recovery. Even if you choose to still use physical backup drives, digital document management provides an extra copy of your important data. You also have the option to automatically back up your digitized files, further ensuring that you do not lose important data in the event of human error or a natural disaster.

Document management systems also include plenty of customizable tools, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. For instance, you usually can set up your dashboard to make access of frequently used files as convenient as possible.

If you have questions about the benefits of using a digital document management system or are interested in incorporating a document management solution to your Kingwood business, contact Hart Office Solutions today.