Multifunction printers, also known as MFPs, are increasingly playing an important role in today’s businesses, even right here in Clarksburg. Due to the MFPs ability to streamline several device capabilities into one machine, investing in this equipment eliminates the need for an individual printer, copier, scanner and fax machine, saving organizations space, time, and money.

Saves space and reduces waste

One of the most significant advantages of the MFP is the fact that it is an all-in-one device, making it a huge space saver, along with reducing waste and clutter. Consider the following key points regarding multifunction printers:

  • Eliminates need to find physical space to fit individual pieces of equipment
  • No more excess wiring throughout the office
  • No need to position numerous pieces of equipment around available outlets
  • Avoid spending money on seldom-used machines (i.e. a company only sends out a couple of faxes a month—the MFP replaces the need for a fax machine)

There’s also less waste involved with a multifunction device. As opposed to single-function devices, you won’t have to stock up on multiple types of ink cartridges to fit each device and then need to dispose of and/or recycle each one with your multifunction printer. You’ll also use less energy, since you’re only working with one machine instead of several.

Streamlined capabilities are a time saver

You can set up your multifunction printer to be networked with all your computers, allowing employees to seamlessly use the same machine without interruption. No more waiting in line at the copier or fax machine. Additionally, think of all the time saved from not needing to acquire and apply driver files, download software updates, or patching firmware for each one of your machines. With an MFP, it’s a one-and-done process. You also won’t need to potentially contract with different vendors (or pay separate invoices) for equipment servicing, lease payments, or to fulfill other needs.

Multifunction printers bring big savings

The advantages associated with multifunction printers are numerous. However, before investing in an MFP you should know the one significant drawback is that if the machine goes down, you could potentially temporarily lose all functions. That being said, in the long run, the tangible savings realized typically outweighs this inconvenience if you invest in a quality machine and good service contract.

While basic functions are the same, MFPs do vary in size and price. The model you should choose depends on several factors, including your business size, workload, and overall functional expectations.

Are you looking to invest in an MFP and want to know more? If so, contact Hart Office Solutions today to learn more about your options. We’ll help you to identify the right device to meet your business needs.